Our bewilderingly great vodka is inspired by the strange tale of the Mojave Desert's Zzyzx Road. 

Two hours outside of Las Vegas on the I-15 is the mysterious Zzyzx off-ramp.  It leads to the abandoned 1940's health resort of quack doctor Curtis H. Springer.  Known as the last snake-oil salesman, Curtis Springer touted his fake hot springs - he used boilers to artificially heat the oasis waters -  as remedy for every ailment.  The government finally seized the land in 1976, but the dusty road and empty buildings remain as landmark to his spurious reign as one of the country's foremost healing gurus.  

Called the most bizarre location in America, Zzyzx is a quintessential Mojave location - captivating, strange and steeped in history.  Zzyzx vodka is a project imbued with the same off-the-wall, southwest spirit.  One sip and your reaction is apt to echo those who pass the famous Zzyzx off-ramp between Los Angeles and Las Vegas - "what IS that???"